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Magento Page Load Time Improvement Case Study – omgbuyit.com

The Problem
Omgbuyit.com is an example of a website that was hosted by a company that specializes in Magento and claims to offer optimized solutions.  Omgbuyit would routinely see page load times that exceeded 14+ seconds.  The store has over 100,000 SKUs and concerns about using up too much RAM on the shared environments came to light.  Of course this lead to the ultimate question:  How many visitors were bouncing out of the site because it took too long to load?

Initial Testing
We offered to benchmark the store on our platform prior to making any changes to the current site.  What this means is that we created a mirror copy of Omgbuyit.com and placed it on our server so that we could compare the 2 sites side by side.  Here are the initial results:


What eBoundHost Provided
We provided Omgbuyit with a dedicated server, using hardware RAID-1 all SSD drives, 32 GB of RAM, and a top end Intel Quad Core e31230 v2@3.3GHz CPU.  RAID-1 all SSD was used for superior I/O (disk) performance, 32 GB of RAM was used for proper caching (MySQL).

The Results
We were able to reduce their page load times from 14+ seconds to under 7 seconds with proper use of caching and optimizations.  Time to 1st byte was reduced from 7.797 seconds to 0.399 seconds.

Here is a screenshot showing the old hosting 14+ second load time:


Here are the results after once hosted with us:

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.25.26 PM



Optimizing this case study website was not as easy as it looks like from the report above.
eBoundHost has done some super-tweaking to achieve high speed performance levels.

Using a Magento Optimized host like eBoundHost offers much more configuration and tweaking  flexibility to gain more speed on any Magento site.

Omgbuyit.com got their website page time to 1st byte reduced from 7.797s to 0.399s, which is almost 20 times faster.  The fully loaded website time was also reduced by 54% from: 14.046s to 6.471s.

Website                                                               – Omgbuyit.com
Original Web Host Server                               – Undisclosed For Privacy
Magento Optimized Host                                – eBoundHost
Site Speed Optimizer                                       – Jarett E.
Editor & Magento Success Manager              – Tom P.


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