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Magento Hosting – DivineOptics.com Case Study using Community 16 Server and JetRails(TM) Pro

Divine Optics
, one of America’s most fashionable sunglass & eyewear sites, has captured the essence of style by offering the most exclusive designs since January 2014.  Faced with the need to future-proof their e-commerce channels, Divine Optics approached eBoundHost with a request to engineer a hosting solution for their new Magento based website.  The goal was to serve 200+ simultaneous shoppers without affecting their experience.


To get at the heart of the challenge, our design and implementation teams interviewed key stakeholders, spent time with site developers, and thoroughly reviewed the divineoptics.com site. We analyzed page load times and server response metrics for both US and overseas web visitors. We used the data to develop a platform that would allow Divine Optics’  shoppers to experience fast page load times consistently. The ultimate goal was to provide an environment where customers move down the conversion funnel quicker.


The result is a Magento storefront that performs as fast as the top 3% of sites around the world.  DivineOptics.com is now converting more visitors to paying customers.


Metrics After Successful Migration to the eBoundHost Community 16 Solution

Page load times on the eBoundHost Magento Community 16 solution are consistently low and increased visitor traffic has minimal impact on web site performance.  Conversion rates and customer satisfaction are at an all time high directly resulting in more profit for Divine Optics.

Speed Tests On eBoundHost Platform  

Page load times have improved significantly.  The site is now consistently loading between 2 to 5 seconds and the time to 1st byte is well under 0.300 seconds.

Load Test On eBoundHost Platform

The graph below shows consistent load times with an increase in concurrent traffic.  Even with 250 active clients, the load times are not affected.


Future Optimizations To Reduce Page Loads Times Even More

During our discovery process, we found additional areas that could help bring page load times even lower.  The next part of the process for Divine Optics is to optimize their images.  Once image optimization is complete there will be a significant additional improvement in overall site speed.


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