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JadeBloom.com Magento Optimized Platform Case Study – Community 16 Platform With JetRails(TM)

Jade Bloom was founded by a naturalist-centric group that whole heartedly believes the God-created earth contains everything we need for holistic healing and healthy living.  Their commitment to customers is to only provide the absolute best natural essential oils through quality control, proper distillation & extraction methods, and the use of clean and safe packaging materials and facilities.  There was only one problem:  Their Magento eCommerce platform was not designed to accommodate the rapidly growing amount of traffic and the challenge was to provide an environment that could easily sustain 150 active clients without affecting performance.


Load Time Results Before Migration to eBoundHost (Test data reported in seconds)


Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Average Results
First Byte 2.312 0.991 66.783 11.71 8.249 18.009
Load Time 3.947 2.78 70.152 13.528 10.989 20.2792
Fully Loaded Time 4.192 3.11 70.245 13.842 11.091 20.496


With 35 active clients on the site, page load times would start to climb.  Results would clock in anywhere from 9.59 second up to 1.7 minutes as traffic increased.

After Moving To The Community 16 Dedicated Platform with JetRails(TM), page load times and time to first byte are faster than ever.

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Average Results
First Byte 0.463 0.357 0.295 0.381 0.27 0.3532
Load Time 3.065 1.759 1.613 1.946 1.376 1.9518
Fully Loaded Time 3.135 1.847 1.682 2.043 1.376 2.0166


Jadebloom.com can now handle 150 active clients without compromising site performance with the Community 16 Dedicated Platform with JetRails(TM) Pro.

For a free in-depth speed and load analysis of your site, please visit:  http://eboundhost.com/magento/speed-test.php


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