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New VPS and Dedicated categories

Affiliates have been receiving $100 for each hosting account referral since the beginning of 2007. However, during a staff meeting last month (Nov), it was decided to raise the payout and make it more profitable to refer business to eBoundHost.

Shared hosting accounts (Home and Professional) remain at $100 per referral. However, VPS and Dedicated servers, are now their own respective categories and have been raised to $200 and $300 per referral.  The system works the same way, someone clicks through the affiliate link, orders a VPS and you receive the commission.

There are more details on the affiliate page, but in a nutshell this is the big news:

Hosting: $100
VPS: $200
Dedicated: $300

Keep up the good work and we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

BTW, past referrals are not eligible for this payout, so don’t even ask!

Affiliate commission goes through the roof

Happy to report that the eBoundHost affiliate system is picking up momentum nicely. We have been running for just over 160 days and the statistics speak for themselves. A lot of people are making quite a bit of money very quickly. The great thing is that there is almost no work involved, most of these people simply place links on their existing websites and the system takes care of the rest. Click here to view affiliate progress.

So what is the best way to make a great affiliate system even better? Raise the payout! How about $100 commission per customer? It seems outrageous to pay more in commission than the client brings in over a year but it is completely sustainable for the eBoundHost business model. We are here for the long haul.

To all of our affiliates: we are thrilled to work with you. Keep up the good work!

Affiliate program details

The new eBoundHost Affiliate Program was launched with the redesigned eBoundHost.com website, on August 1, 2006.

As the result of a six month industry study and collaboration with existing affiliates, it was determined that most participants prefer a large lump sum payout rather than a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the client. This is more profitable for the affiliates and is a better incentive to participate. The new program rewards an incredible $80 for every paying customer.

Who is this system for?
Anyone with a website. To participate in the program, the affiliate simply inserts their link at the bottom of their website.

To create an account, follow these prompts:

How does it work?
Affiliates have a unique link which sends visitors to eBoundHost. When a visitor from such a link signs up for service, a credit is issued to the affiliate account.

How do affiliates get paid?
This comes in two payments, first $40 is paid after the initial 90 days, and the second $40 is 90 days after that. If the client cancells, it means no further payments.

Tracking progress:
All information is listed on the front page of the AFFILIATES section of eBoundHost.com. Clicking through on the affiliate nickname or typing it into the form will show more detailed information. Only general information is on display for public viewing, sensitive information is always kept confidential.

Which plans are eligible?
Any standard, non-promotional package is eligible.

Are current affiliates effected?
Existing affiliates may elect to retain their old program or switch to the new system. No pressure!

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