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New VPS and Dedicated categories

Affiliates have been receiving $100 for each hosting account referral since the beginning of 2007. However, during a staff meeting last month (Nov), it was decided to raise the payout and make it more profitable to refer business to eBoundHost.

Shared hosting accounts (Home and Professional) remain at $100 per referral. However, VPS and Dedicated servers, are now their own respective categories and have been raised to $200 and $300 per referral.  The system works the same way, someone clicks through the affiliate link, orders a VPS and you receive the commission.

There are more details on the affiliate page, but in a nutshell this is the big news:

Hosting: $100
VPS: $200
Dedicated: $300

Keep up the good work and we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

BTW, past referrals are not eligible for this payout, so don’t even ask!

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