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Final maintenance window

This weekend, Saturday 11/22/2008, we have a scheduled outage.  Some customers are going to receive the following text.  Just to make sure that everyone has a chance to know what is happening, here is an update.

If you don’t hear from us in the next 24 hours, then your account is not effected.


Dear eBoundHost Customer,

This upcoming Saturday night, November 22nd, 2008, the server which hosts your account is scheduled for maintenance.  The service window is between 9pm (21:00) and 3am (03:00) with an actual expected outage of 30-60 minutes.  This impacts, shared hosting, vps and dedicated hosting customers.  All times are in the Central Time Zone, GMT -6.

Over the past few weeks some servers have been upgraded in anticipation of this event.  We appreciate your patience through this final scheduled outage.  After this maintenance window, we do not foresee any more wide ranging outages, only the occasional kernel upgrade which requires a quick reboot.

Due to phenomenal growth in the past two quarters, we are upgrading hosting facilities.  This will allow us to provide faster throughput, lower network latency and ability to scale with demand.  Additionally, our equipment is being consolidated into a formation that will make it more resilient to power failure and less susceptible to overheating.  In a nutshell, things are getting even better.

As always, it is recommend that you keep a full backup of your entire account, including website, email and database.  We provide excellent tools for backing up your account, check your control panel.  Data loss is not anticipated but you can never have too many backups!

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