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Whats the secret and why aren’t all Magento Hosts doing this?

What is the secret?  It’s SUPPORT combined with a superior solution.  This sounds like something simple, doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  But it’s not just about advertising that message; it’s about walking the walk and doing the basics brilliantly.  Time and time again, we’ve interviewed developers and Magento store owners and listen to them talk about their hosting solution.  Its surprising to actually hear what they say:

“I have a hard time getting through to someone in support.”
“The support team has not gotten back to me with a solution.”
“They keep pointing the finger at my developers.”

This is why we do things differently.  If a developer needs to chat with us about Magento, they just pick up the phone and call without going through any automated prompts.  All calls are answered by a real person – and most likely, that person will be qualified to address any Magento question.  All Magento clients (and their developers) also have instant chat access to their own Magento Project Manager (this is in addition the the 24/7 support we provide).  Isn’t it nice when you call someone and they actually know who you are and know about your store?  Sure, it sounds like something basic but all too often companies that grow too fast or spend too much money in advertising have a hard time keeping up with the most important fundamental task – taking care of the customer.

Here is a message from one of clients (who happens to be a developer):

“In recent years our company was focused only on Magento development and speed optimization.  We’ve worked with many hosting companies and none of them were able to configure the server exactly as we needed it for our Magento clients.  Bad server configuration, overcharged dedicated servers and impossible to communicate with server admins seemed like a huge wall we hit every time we picked a hosting company for our clients.  That was until we met Tom Puchalski & eBoundHost.

Never before have we experienced such great support and admin help for Magento server configuration.  The way they configured servers for our clients was beyond our expectations.  Not only were they able to optimize the server, (speed things up, sometimes even 20 times faster) but also they installed cPanel with Varnish without any issues – other hosting companies told us each time that it is impossible.  These guys are Magento hosting experts but they are more than that!

They actually care for each single client and their business making sure the store runs at 100% capacity installing only SSD drives for Magento servers. I recommend eBoundHost to all Magento store owners.  Our Magento clients are more than happy after they switched to eBoundHost.  We are and you will be too.”

Jakub Winkler
CEO / Magento Ninja / PHP Developer
Q-Solutions Studio

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