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More Conversions & Reduced Abandonment – Bachrach.com & JetRails® Case Study

About Bachrach

Bachrach is a century-old boutique men’s apparel brand with brick & mortar stores across the US.  Bachrach.com is the Magento-based e-commerce arm of the business and offers a range of fashionable formal and semi-formal looks.

The Problem

Bachrach has a full-featured and well-designed Magento store-front, but was struggling with page load times.  Their time to first byte (TTFB) was over 300% slower than Google’s recommendation and some product pages took over 7 seconds to fully load and render.

David Ko, the e-commerce director for Bachrach, was looking for a way to get web performance under control and put the site into a hosting platform that could handle Bachrach’s growth.  Until the site was ready to handle heavy traffic, increasing sales would be challenging to say the least.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.57.49 AM
With load times approaching 7 seconds and a TTFB at 1 second, there was ample room for improvement.

The Solution

David approached eBoundhost for help, and we set about testing the site’s performance KPIs.  After recording the pre-migration metrics and collecting the specific requirements for Bachrach.com, eBoundHost architected a Jetrails® Pro Cluster Platform to properly fit the web site.  This cluster is right-sized for their normal daily traffic and can be scaled to handle extreme spikes during sales and the holiday season rush.

The Results

The process of moving Bachrach.com to the eBoundHost JetRails® Pro Cluster Platform was “the easiest transition I’ve been a part of.”  David also praised the “flawless” support team, saying it’s been “instantaneous – there are no automated prompts.  When you call, a real Magento specialist picks up the phone.”

After migration, the speed improved drastically.  TTFB came in below 300 milliseconds, down from over 1,000 ms.  Speed Index improved by 40%.  Performance under load skyrocketed – the site could now handle several thousand users without slowing down or needing to scale up with more hardware.  More importantly, David saw a 2.5% increase in conversion and an 8% decrease in shopping cart abandonment.

 chart 2Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.55.39 AM


Putting Bachrach.com on an appropriate hosting environment delivers more than better numbers in a speed test.  By increasing performance, they also gained:

  • More Revenue!
  • Improved customer experience
  • Higher customer conversions
  • Natural SEO improvements due to better Speed Index


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