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Meet Us At Shop.org – Researching The Newest Magento eCommerce Tactics



Shop.org is the annual e-commerce conference for digital retail thinkers and doers!  In an era where constant evolution is required to stay ahead of consumers, this event is bringing some of the most fascinating people, brands and thought-leaders to share stories of reinvention, transformation and steal-worthy ideas for making an impact in the e-commerce world today.

View the agenda:  https://shop.org/agenda

If you are going to be there or if you would like us to research any Magento related topics, let us know by filling out our contact form:


Our primary objectives at Shop.org are getting new insights on:

  • Better search engine ranking due to faster infrastructure and rapid content delivery
  • Higher conversion rates due to reduced friction and faster response times
  • Reduction of operational burdens
  • E-commerce focused best practices for operations
  • Best-of-breed technological integration

Additional topics that will be covered for our customers:

  • Omnichannel profitability
  • Personalizing Amazon
  • The best alternative to Amazon
  • “I have to double my business this year, how do I do it?”
  • Sourcing new customers with artificial intelligence
  • Real-time analytics for Magento
  • Improving Magento speed
  • Online journey hijacking: The problem, the scale, and the solution

Let us know what your challenges are.  We’re here to help.

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