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A very good week

Today is Friday the 13th.  A mysterious day where you should stay in bed because terrible things will happen.  Don’t walk under the ladder, don’t spill salt, don’t cross the path of a black cat.  I don’t know, it’s the end of the day and still feeling happy and upbeat.

It has been an amazingly busy week in an overly busy month but for some reason I was able to tear myself away from the paperwork and look back in retrospect.  This happens less often now that things have become so busy, but I realize this is more important than having your head buried in daily routine.  Overall, I have to say that this was a very good week, much was accomplished.

It still shocks me to look over the New Sign ups roster and recognize just one or two of the names.  Used to be that majority of our new sign ups were either existing clients or referred by existing clients.  Today, our genetic pool has become diverse to the point where it is going to be difficult to say where the majority of our new clients are located.  Some in Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and of course a great number from North America but it is becoming quite diverse.

While I’m here writing, something new and exciting is going to be announced in the upcoming week.  While I can’t tell you details yet, I will just say that we have added a sizable addition to our eBoundHost family.

I hope the week was as meaningful and successful to all of you as well.  Have a happy weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday!


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