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4th of July

Tomorrow is the fourth of July. This was the day The Declaration was approved and signed.  The day the Colonial Experiment became the American Dream.  The day everything changed.

This particular July 4th, is especially interesting.  I do not remember the last July 4th during a presidential campaign year because I didn’t happen to pay particular attention.  But today, our two (main) candidates will go on television and make flowery speeches and promise the world to us, just as long as we are willing to vote for them.  And then the political analysts are going to dissect and analyze every word and gesture and try to hide behind a journalistic lack of bias while steering the conversation in a particular direction.  And then the public is going to have private conversations about how a particular candidate is bad for our country and how the other guy/gal is going to be our savior.

Today’s political process seems very dirty.  The candidates appear inadequate, each in their own way.  The political commentators are biased and dishonest.  And the public seems to be the exact uneducated, unwashed masses, that are looked down upon by people who consider themselves the ‘elite’ and call the space between New York and Los Angeles, “flyover country”.

Somehow, I get the feeling that not much was different a hundred years ago.  Some Presidents have been unworthy of the title.  Newspaper publishers have been cheaters and liars, and the public, well the public literally didn’t bathe much.

But this is just an illusion.  The candidates at this level of the game are really the best of what is available to fill the Presidential shoes.  They may be unable to spell ‘potato’ or hold the book upsde down, but nobody can possibly stand up to this kind of scrutiny and constant pressure.  The candidates are good people who have already shown themselves to be good leaders.  The journalists are definitely opinionated but they maintain as much neutrality as possible and are balanced out by their colleagues on the other side of the political spectrum.  And the people are more politically savvy than they are given credit for.  When it comes down to it the system is brilliant.  And with all this imperfection, we somehow overcome the shortcomings and grow past the mistakes of our leaders.  Somehow, our country has been the innovator in almost every scientific field.  Somehow we have one of the highest qualities of life, and own the best ‘stuff’.  Even with the bad economy, most people have an excess of food, a flat screen television, relatively new car, a cell phone and computer.  We have it so good that we are STILL selling SUV’s the size of Caribbean inner city buses.  We invented the Internet.  We invented the automobile.  We invented the telephone.

Whoever wins the upcoming election, things are not bad now and they are probably going to remain pretty good.  The reason for this, in my opinion, is the very nature of our society.  We are Open Source.  We have checks and balances, we have the right to criticize our leaders, to replace them if necessary.  The right to become candidates and fix the system from the inside.  The system is not perfect, but we are always working on it.  We are a society that is truly governed by the people, from the people and for the people.

On behalf of the eBoundHost team, we wish a happy 4th of July to the world.

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