Magento Site Speed Case Study & Success Story

Magento Website Speed Optimization Case Study –

nursejamiesite was an example of a website that was hosted on a Non-Magento Optimized Platform.  The slow speed concern was brought to our attention via the Speed Test Request form on our website. was brought back on the right track after going through a hosting transformation.  Let’s take a detailed walk-through to understand what was done to optimize this Magento site for speed.

The site was already running at a good speed from a general perspective, but we knew that some further scope for speed improvement was left open for us based on our technical perspective.  The site was diagnosed and analyzed to find out the limiting factors which were slowing down the websites performance.

Lets look at the speed report:

nursejamiebefore1First Byte Time – F
Keep-alive enabled – A
Compress Transfer – F
Compress Images – F
Progressive JPEGs -F
Cache static content -F
Effective use of CDN – Y

Through assisted migration, was moved from a standard web-hosting platform to our Magento Optimized Cloud platform.

Once website functionality and performance were carefully verified, A records were pointed and the site seamlessly switched over.  A new beginning for  No hiccups, just pure improvement.

We checked the websites speed once again.

FACTOR                          BEFORE CHANGE          AFTER CHANGE            RESULT
First Byte Time                                F                                             B                            Improved
Keep-alive enabled                          A                                             A                              Neutral
Compress Transfer                          F                                             A                            Improved
Compress Images                             F                                             F                              Neutral
Progressive JPEGs                          F                                              F                              Neutral
Cache static content                        F                                              A                            Improved
Effective use of CDN                       Y                                              X                              Neutral

We have achieved substantial improvement in time to 1st byte, compress transfer and cache static content.  CDN was not chosen by’s Admin for this particular situation due to the geographical location of their target market.  Now the next step was to make sure that the developers for were aware that they have the option to optimize their images for better performance.




Optimizing this case study website was not as easy as it looks like from the report above.
eBoundHost has done some super-tweaking to achieve high speed performance levels.

Using a Magento Optimized host like eBoundHost offers much more configuration and tweaking  flexibility to gain more speed on any Magento site. got their website page time to 1st byte reduced from 0.867s to 0.337s, an average of 62% improvement on a relative performance scale.  The fully loaded website time was also reduced from  5.100s to 2.233s, an improvement of 56%.

Website                                                               –
Original Web Host Server                               – Undisclosed For Privacy
Magento Optimized Host                                – eBoundHost
Site Speed Optimizer                                       – Denis Z.
Editor & Magento Success Manager              – Tom P.

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2 Responses to Magento Site Speed Case Study & Success Story

  1. Ron Peled says:

    Thanks for the benchmarks. Yes, optimization is key for magento. It makes all the difference.

    Question is what will it take (time and money) to get them under 1 second page load time on average.

    By the way, please enable CSS and JS file merging. It is a feature in Magento since version 1.5 (or 1.4).

  2. Tom P says:

    We are continuously working on optimization of our Magento platform. At the same time we try not to impose on the Magento Development process, yet we do reach out to our developers to make site specific suggestions. Our goal is make sure that they are aware of additional opportunities to increase performance or fix potential issues with their website. Every Magento site that is transferred to us goes through an evaluation process to make sure it is loading as fast as it can. We check for any errors with SSL, coding, missing files, etc. and work with site developer to resolve them.

    This is a managed service and our goal is to make sure that there is nothing standing in the way of a customer making a purchase on your Magento site.

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